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Construction Window Cleanup

Post Construction Clean-up on windows is no small task!

Whether you are building your dream home, or are a builder with a multi-unit project, those windows are going to be filthy. Dirt is just the beginning. After all those trades have come and gone and left their mark, you will find everything from paint and varnish to cement and grout on every piece of glass. More things you find in abundance are adhesive, silicon, joint compound, tape residue, and don't forget mud. Bottom line, post construction clean-up of windows is dirty business and we're here to clean it up!

Service Types:

  • 3 Phase
  • 2 Phase
  • Single Phase
  • Model Home Maintenance Schedule
  • Residential Structures
  • Commercial Buildings

We recommend at least a 2 Phase cleaning schedule to prevent last minute project surprises and for better cleaning results. Many builders make the mistake of saving the window cleaning for a last minute afterthought prior to owner inspection. The main problem with this is the windows may have been damaged by tradesmen during the construction process. Drywall workers braze the sides of the window with their sanding pole, painters lean their ladders right on the glass, tile workers and welders get permanent black pits on the glass by not protecting the windows near their work. These are just a few common examples that can go unnoticed until the last minute when the window cleaning company comes in to clean off all that mud, paint, and every other construction material off of the glass to reveal the damage.

With a multi-phase cleaning we will come in at an earlier stage in the construction process to do a rough cleaning on the windows. This will provide an inspection point for the builder to take any required action on damaged glass. It will also remove heavy debris from the tracks and frames so they can be maintained. After the 1st and/or 2nd rough cleans have been done, the final cleaning will provide better results on both the windows and the frames for a superior cleaning compared to a last minute "all in" cleaning. The ability to monitor the windows more closely for damages from subcontractors saves money. Note that the tradesmen should be masking the windows near their services with plastic and painters tape to avoid leaving permanent tape residue.

An additional option is to protect your windows well during the entire construction process with plastic and painters tape going all the way to the edges of the frames on the inside and outside. Then before final inspection we can provide a single phase cleaning. At any point during construction the builder can inspect the glass paying close attention to any plastic that has been torn or removed prematurely.

All post construction cleanup proposals require an onsite visit and are provided free of charge.

All post construction cleanup services require the following waiver:

Waiver for Post Construction Cleanup
Protection for Window Cleaners dealing with tempered and heat treated glass.

Builders are encouraged to use the following waiver:

Builder to Supplier Waiver
All Builders and Construction managers should require this of their glass suppliers.

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